One of the cast of a major production of a stage show was travelling from Heathrow to Brighton to meet up with the show. The A4 was icy and snow was blowing like crazy. He had rented his car at the airport and gotten temporary cover, for he only needed the vehicle until he got onto the bus carrying the cast of the show. He never dreamed the temporary cover would provide him another vehicle when he slid off the road onto the shoulder, stuck in a snowdrift. He was running late and didn't have time to wait on delivery of another vehicle.

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He attempted to rock the car out of the drift. No success. He attempted to push the car, having first put the car's shift into neutral. No success. Fuming, he returned to the driver's seat, pulled out his mobile phone to call the temporary cover agency. After explaining the problem, he was assured that another car would be arriving promptly, so he settled in to wait. He tried once again to push the car out of the snowdrift, with little success. Again, he tried to rock the vehicle out of the drift, but was stuck fast.

His flight from Dublin, where the show had first performed, had been late due to the snowstorm. The rental of the car had gone slowly because they didn't have what he wanted. He settled for a small car which he thought would get him through the storm. Small and light, it should have skimmed over the ice, but skimmed right into a drift. He sat in the warm car, rehearsing his song, wondering what kind of car the temporary cover agency would bring him. After four hours of rehearsing, the car arrived and his heart sank because they had brought him another small car.

With deep reservations, he got into the new car and drove on. His journey brought him closer to Brighton, but the snow was worse there. He got stuck again not far outside the city and rather than wait another four hours for a replacement car, he walked the rest of the way into the city. He had phoned ahead to alert the hotel that he was coming afoot and he called the temporary cover agency to let them know what had happened. He was so late that he wondered if his understudy had sung his part, but he soldiered on.

He made it into Brighton just before the curtain went up. He was frozen stiff but thawed under the stage lights. The show was a hit, as it had been for thirty years. The cast and crew were horrified at his travail but laughed good-naturedly at his solution to the problem. The temporary cover agency had acted in good faith to help him, undaunted by snow. No one else would have helped him the way they did and he was grateful for their help. He would not hesitate to call on them again if the need should arise.

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